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Eurefas – The European Refurbishment Association announces the publication of the Pledge towards a qualitative electronic device refurbishment sector

Brussels, June 16th 2022 – EUREFAS, which currently counts 17 members, gathered in Brussels in May 2022 for its second annual General Assembly. Here, the Pledge was discussed, and the members were able to interact with key EU stakeholders from the European Commission. Main topics included the Sustainable Product regulation and the Right to Repair movement, aiming to shape the industry and encourage consumers to change consumer habits towards greener products. 

The main purpose of the Pledge is to structure the Refurbishment industry and the quality of the products. This initiative aims at saving consumers’ interests and promoting virtuous and qualitative products through Eurefas members voluntary commitments. Eurefas targets providing a new quality Label by 2023 with the help of its internal members as well as seasoned external experts.

Augustin Becquet, President and Founding Member of EUREFAS, declared : “EUREFAS is not only an association to promote and defend the circular economy and its interests. It also seeks to set up challenges in the market to live in a greener world and to lift up our sector by creating and implementing quality standards to share and spread good practices. As the refurbished electronic devices market is still in a grey zone, this Pledge signed by all EUREFAS members, represents a major step of commitment for our industry in order to become more reliable, as well as to comfort consumers into buying more responsible products that enables a Circular Economy.  It is a big commitment from Eurefas members to show the way towards responsible refurbishment and consumption in Europe”.

All EUREFAS members signed the Pledge following the aforementioned General Assembly, committing to upholding the industry standards within the refurbishment industry. The current scope of represented countries within the association currently covers now 9 countries and 17 members since its creation in early 2021, namely: Recommerce, ReWare, Tech2Com, Foxway, Olinn, Omocom, Refurbed, Panzerglass, Asgoodasnew, Backmarket, ReBuy, ITC (ReCall First Hand), Swappie, AfB Group, Enjoy Recondizionati/Prestige Group, FixFirst and Remarketed.

Find our full pledge here

About Eurefas:

The European Refurbishment Association (Eurefas) aims to represent the IT refurbishment sector, in particular smartphones, including high-profile companies operating on technology, buyback, refurbishment and sale of second-hand high-tech devices. The association’s main mission is to build a circular economy and to advocate and promote the interests of the sector across the European Union. Eurefas is driven by sustainability values and aims to play a significant role in shaping a greener world. Find out more at

Eurefas has signed the transparency register of the European institutions  under the number: 332404341982-26 and is thus committed to fully comply with its code of conduct while engaging vis à vis the EU officials.

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