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European Refurbishment Association


Our founding team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, leaders, lobbyists and communicators, who account for a combined half a billion euros in turnover.

We want to represent the EU refurbished smartphone market at a larger scale by bringing together companies of all shapes and sizes, from every corner of Europe.

  • Foxway
  • Recommerce Group
  • ReWare mobile
  • Tech2com

What brought together Eurefas founding members ?

→ They want to do good for the planet and promote local and circular economy

→ They defend a qualitative and sustainable refurbishment industry

→ They speak up for the right to repair

→ They’re European companies (HQ and shareholders in EU too!) promoting a strong and responsible UE in the world-wide economy

  They commit to sign our Pledge towards a qualitative electronic devices refurbishment sector 

Basically, they all shared the same vision! Today those are key criterias to join our association. Find our more here

" We want to promote and develop the refurbishment of high-tech products to conserve our planet’s limited resources."

Our Missions

EUREFAS wants to define and advocate the common interests, policies and positions of the European refurbished industry. We recognise that our industry is still young, and it is vital to shape and promote our industry to help conserve our planet’s resources.

EUREFAS’s goal is to ensure and define quality standards for the interests of end customers and contribute to a greener world. Many players in our industry believe that we need to guarantee the end customer a high level of quality, including a clear warranty period and various controls to ensure a satisfactory experience for those purchasing a refurbished device.

EUREFAS was created to engage in dialogue with European institutions and other stakeholders to advance understanding of industry-related issues, and to contribute to effective policy and legislation at European level to support the development of our industry.

Learn more about our founding members is a disrupting start-up launched in Romania in 2020. It very quickly brought unique propositions in Eastern Europe, focusing on environmental and consumer purchasing power issues. operates with both businesses and consumers and has a big hand in building consumers’ trust in this market through its high-quality customer service and quality guarantees.



Since 2009, Foxway has been focusing on making IT services easy and sustainable. Headquartered in Sweden, and with offices across Europe, Foxway is the leading ESG partner covering services throughout IT lifecycle. Foxway makes digital life easy for businesses and consumers by providing innovative workspace, buyback, and refurbishing solutions while limiting their environmental impact. 

Recommerce Group

A pioneer in the refurbished smartphone market in France, Recommerce is active on the B2B segment and provides repaired devices for consumers.

Recommerce operates worldwide and has earned the Next40 government label, which recognizes future technological leaders. Committed to a strong, responsible approach to environmental and social policies, Recommerce places sustainable development, innovation and the circular economy at the heart of its activities.


Spanish member ReWare Mobile is a world-leading supplier in second-hand devices, which focuses on providing consumers with access to high-quality and certified refurbished smartphones at affordables prices. ReWare is strongly committed to customers’ interests and environmental matters. It has commercial sites in Asia, Africa and Europe and is proud to be part of the Blue Label Group, which aims to provide products and services in emerging regions and to less affluent consumers.


Operating under the slogan “New Again”, Dutch company Tech2com works with carriers, resellers, retailers and services organisations all over the EU, and offers best-value prices for refurbished smartphones, including two-year warranties. The company aims to reduce the impact on natural resources and promote a sustainable electronic industry. Tech2com also encourages individual responsibility by offering spare parts for devices on its commercial website.


They joined us!