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Let’s build a strong refurbishment industry

for a Greener, Stronger and Better Europe!​

EUREFAS is the association representing the refurbishment industry in Europe,
to promote the circular economy and help building a greener world.

Our mission is  to develop and promote the refurbishment industry in Europe

Our founding team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs who account for a combined half a billion euros in turnover. We seek to represent the EU refurbished smartphone market at a larger scale by bringing together companies of all shapes and sizes, from every corner of Europe.

" We want to promote and develop the refurbishment of high-tech products to conserve our planet’s limited resources."

Our Missions


Define and advocate the common interests, policies and positions of the European Refurbishment Industry


Ensure and define quality standards for the interests of end customers and contribute to a greener world


Engage in dialogue with the European institutions and stakeholders to build a circular economy, and to contribute to effective policy and legislation at European Level


Refurbishment industry is not new… but it is our future !

Giving a second life to product is not new… What is new is the urgency to promote the reduction of electronic waste, re-use and repair of high tech devices.


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