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The European Refurbishment Association (EUREFAS) gathers in Brussels and welcomes new members

Brussels, November 15th 2021 – Eurefas welcomes new members: ITC solutions and Panzerglass, enlarging the scope of the association. Eurefas now covers new countries (Italy and Denmark) and has gathered in Brussels to issue its roadmap to support refurbishment and circular economy.

EUREFAS may now count on new members to promote refurbishment industry’s interests and enlarge its position in Europe with ITC solutions an italian refurbishment start up and Panzerglass, the danish leader for generic screen protection. 

In September, the association gathered in Brussels and exchanged with Davide Polverini, in charge of the smartphone dossier regarding the Ecodesign directive at the DG GROW. As the Commission is moving forward on this directive, Eurefas strongly aims at empowering consumers’ right to repair and refurbishers access to spare parts to encourage repairation.

In a time where world leaders are targeting CO2 reduction and carbon neutrality goals at the COP 26, “the last chance COP” and when constructors face difficulties to find raw materials to meet consumers’ demand, the association believes that industrials have a key role to play and will continue to promote its virtuous sector interests. 

PanzerGlass is proud to become a member of the EUREFAS to promote the local and circular economy in Europe together. By protecting screens from breakage, we avoid them going into the trash with all their toxic ingredients and rare soils and metals. At the same time we also extend the lifetime of mobile devices as well as keeping a high value for a longer period which is especially important for the refurbishment industry”, says Christian Butzer, global sales manager at Panzerglass. 

“For us, an innovative Italian company, an important goal has been reached: becoming a member of Eurefas. Today, more than ever, technological development has challenged the ‘reverse engineering’ of such products and the ability to generate value from their disposal. For Recall First Hand, the word ‘waste’ is meant to become added value.

We have decided to translate the word Waste into Opportunity and we do this with the RecallFirstHand brand.” says Boris Tuzza, CEO of ITC.

About Eurefas:

The European Refurbishment Association (Eurefas) aims to represent the IT refurbishment sector, in particular smartphones, including high-profile companies operating on technology, buyback, refurbishment and sale of second-hand high-tech devices. The association’s main mission is to build a circular economy and to advocate and promote the interests of the sector across the European Union. Eurefas is driven by sustainability values and aims to play a significant role in shaping a greener world. Find out more at

Eurefas has signed the transparency register of the European institutions  under the number: 332404341982-26 and is thus committed to fully comply with its code of conduct while engaging vis à vis the EU officials.

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